Banning of External Spies Act

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Banning of External Spies Act is a Liberalian Law, written by Carops in his position as Defence Minister and passed by the Liberalian Parliament on July 11th 2006. It has since been used to eject and ban various known spies, including Atholon and Senorak Valley

[edit] The Bill

Clause 1: Recognising that external forces will always strive to disrupt peaceful communities, we, the people of Liberalia, vow to oppose all attempts to do so. Spying organisations from outside our region are hereby declared illegal and immoral.

Spying is defined as obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential about an organization or a society without the permission of the holder of the information

Clause 2: If a nation is found to be guilty of spying on Liberalia for outside powers, that nation will be ejected immediately. Any nation found to have betrayed the people of Liberalia in this way will be punished accordingly. They may ask for a trial, and will be permitted one if they are deemed to no longer be a sufficient threat to forum security.

Clause 3: If a foreign region with links to Liberalia is found to spying on the region, then links with that region will be suspended.

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